Managed Print Services - 3 Stages to Reducing Print Costs

Published: 08th August 2011
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Businesses and government organizations often means that the development cycle for new departments or workgroups have been formed to address emerging needs. They often have their own budget and cost center. It means historically, copiers and printing equipment that acquisitions often without reference to any central focus is, resulting in a loss of efficiency and profitability.

Managed Print Services (MPS), in recent years, print cost control has become the benchmark concept. The management / intelligent, centrally-controlled manner, printed device fleets (copiers, printers, multifunction devices and fax machines) are involved.

Obviously, it can be part of an internal re-organization.Such a supplier to provide end-to-end management function for the entire organization can include a print audit. The type and number of tools, supplies hardware, networking and software systems, plus associated support and blame consumables, and ongoing management of upgrades can be specified.

Managed Print Services - implementation of the steps

A. SWOT analysis: A complete "strengths and weaknesses," all currently in various departments and workgroups and the Drivers outline of their uses. MPS during this phase of implementation, password setting and the use of currently owned assets in the fleet by analyzing the current device is a control document

B. Use: At this point, the implementation of existing fleet printer / copier is focused on optimizing.

This will at least ensure that the universal print drivers that can be deployed throughout the organization, giving immediate savings in terms of IT resources.

3) Development of procedures: one-time, hardware and networking systems, the functionality is complete, the business processes to improve efficiency, save costs and environmental impact for at least part of any member initiative.

For this example, at night "sleep" mode implementation, mono vs. color (color only when necessary, or under your supervision) to ensure that missed and everyday print black and white and include the introduction of two-sided, could hope to be moving a fleet of single-sided environment mainly for one duplex.

In addition, the introduction of a cost per page pricing structure (whether print type), the print across the network cost, easily out across different sites or departments to facilitate the monitoring of charge.

Managed Print Services - Suppliers

Managed Print service providers in the past tended to be concentrated to the hardware and Canon, Hewlett-Packard or Xerox's focus on the specialized equipment manufacturers.

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